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Repair & Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance

A contract is a promise.

You have our word. And our service. Security is important in any relationship, but especially those that involve business. Security means minimising risks.

Minimising risks

In the transport sector, risks include unexpected repair costs or vehicle breakdowns. MAN ServiceContracts protect you from these risks and from cost uncertainties by offering you a range of services that integrates all service and inspection work and can be expanded to suit your individual needs.

Lightening your administrative workload

With MAN ServiceContracts, your vehicles are professionally supported by 1300 MAN service centres across Europe. MAN ServiceContracts also lighten your workload with regard to administration, allowing you to focus more on your core business and meaning you no longer have to worry about fluctuating maintenance and service costs. This is our promise to you.


The perfect solution for you, guaranteed

MAN ServiceContracts aim to reduce costs and increase vehicle availability. It is possible to adapt MAN ServiceContracts to suit the customer’s precise individual requirements by using the different modules in combination with one another.

With MAN ServiceContracts, you can select the specification that’s right for you, guaranteeing maximum protection with minimum expense. All MAN ServiceContracts include MAN ServiceCare, our proactive maintenance management.

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