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eTGE Panel Van

eTGE Panel Van

eMobility is easier than you think

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MAN eTGE Panel Van

Far too expensive? On the contrary!

Over a period of four years, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is equivalent to that of the diesel-powered TGE. In the long term, the eTGE may even be the more economical option – thanks to government funding, tax benefits and reduced energy costs.


Inner-city traffic is all about short distances: From the workshop to the construction site and back. Delivery runs all over the city. Transporters travelling in inner cities usually only cover short distances. The eTGE is the ideal vehicle for this task. Numerous studies have shown a daily average mileage of 60 - 80 km, which the MAN eTGE handles effortlessly.

According to WLTP, the MAN eTGE achieves a range of 110 to 115 km. This value is based on a driving cycle with predominantly high speeds. Depending on other factors, such as route topography or the use of auxiliary consumers, the range can be increased even further. However, there are certain basics that apply to the MAN eTGE as much as for any other electric vehicle: You should always plan for a reserve, since individual driving styles can significantly influence the range.




The eTGE provides you with generous loading space for your boxes, shelves and equipment. With up to 10.7 3, it has the same loading transport capacity as a standard MAN TGE panel van with rear drive and high roof. First and foremost, however, our eTGE offers you optimal support for your daily transport operations: The interior of the electric transporter is extremely versatile, allowing you to choose from numerous design options – from wooden or universal flooring, tie-down rails and claddings for floor, side walls, separating wall and ceiling, to precision-fitted shelving systems. Bright LED lighting for the loading bay is also available for the eTGE – as standard.

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