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The MAN TGX - Where performance and efficiency meet

The MAN TGX - Where performance and efficiency meet

Anyone who wants to operate successfully in international long-haul transport today needs to take their transport performance up a gear and put the brakes on costs. The new MAN TGX is designed to do just this. With its low-emission engines, it sets very high standards for energy efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness – while also delivering the top quality for which MAN trucks are known in the industry.

With its new technologies, it achieves outstanding fuel consumption, high load capacity and perfect body-compatibility. The new TGX boasts impressive levels of comfort too: the driver’s workspace is streamlined, while the rest and sleep area is the perfect place to relax, ensuring that you are always well rested and highly motivated when it’s time to get the job done. That helps to enhance your safety too – as do our reliable assistance systems. In addition to familiar assistants, highlights include the ACC’s new stop-and-go function, which helps you make your way through traffic congestion with ease.

We can safely say that the MAN TGX will deliver the goods, helping you to achieve your profit target and taking you to a new level of success with perfectly dovetailed services. We have stepped up our digital offering in particular, creating Connected Truck – a smart and innovative comprehensive network for your vehicle. With numerous DigitalServices such as driver,  servicing and fleet management, you can now use your truck in an even more carefully monitored, efficient and cost-effective way.

Wherever the road takes you, our solutions are just around the corner. We’re available at up to 2,000 service points all over Europe, from early until late. We are always up to date and know what’s driving you: with systematic analysis of vehicle data and customer enquiries as our basis we’re always striving to develop new future-oriented digital solutions. Continually transmitted vehicle data and intelligent data analyses are the foundation for the ever-expanding range of exclusive and customer-tailored digital solutions: solutions that enable you to get the most out of your truck no matter if you’re the driver, fleet manager or business partner!

In short, your challenges are our challenges and we’re always working on modern and tailored answers to your questions even before you’ve asked them. Personal, competent and according to your priorities.

TGX Long Haul

MAN long-haul transport vehicles combine exemplary economic efficiency with outstanding reliability, maximum payload and excellent driving comfort. Leave your competition behind - with transport efficiency that sets new standards in long-haul transport.

View TGX Long Haulã-e_gm880_v02_kreposttif.png

TGX Long Haul Special

To ensure that you can secure a leading position in vehicle transport, we offer you industry-specific solutions ex works, available as long-long, long-short, semitrailer, chassis or transporter versions.

View TGX Long Haul Special

TGX Food & Beverage

Whether fresh or frozen goods - food transport is a temperature-sensitive operation that is turned into a particular logistic challenge by strict hygiene and environmental restrictions. MAN trucks for food transport combine powerful cooling units with maximum payload, high manoeuvrability, easier loading and exemplary environmental sustainability - meaning that you can leave behind the competition with coolly calculated offers.

View TGX Food & Beverage

TGX Liquids & Gases

Whether it is fuel, industrial gas or foodstuffs such as milk and flour - MAN vehicles are the perfect choice for transporting liquids and silo goods. With low fuel consumption, they stand for maximum efficiency in terms of operating and maintenance costs.

View TGX Liquids & Gases

TGX Agriculture

They travel between the field edge and the road all day and impress with their high payload and reduced consumption – MAN Trucks really shine in agricultural operations.

View TGX Agriculture
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