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The MAN TGX - Where performance and efficiency meet

The MAN TGX - Where performance and efficiency meet

The MAN TGX proves that high performance and low fuel consumption are achievable in one package. Our reliable and robust king of long-haul transport handles long journeys with ease, quickly and profitably.

The MAN TGX can be perfectly tailored to suit the needs of your business, with multiple choices of cab and engine, along with a host of both standard and optional extras.

Driver comfort and safety is paramount in the design of the MAN TGX, from our high quality interior and intuitive cockpit design, to the assistance systems that allow for safe and hassle-free operation.

The MAN TGX is a truck that can be as individual as your business, the perfect fit for the job in hand.ã-e_gm880_v02_kreposttif.png

TGX Long Haul Special

To ensure that you can secure a leading position in vehicle transport, we offer you industry-specific solutions ex works, available as long-long, long-short, semitrailer, chassis or transporter versions.

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TGX Agriculture

They travel between the field edge and the road all day and impress with their high payload and reduced consumption – MAN Trucks really shine in agricultural operations.

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