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The MAN TGM - Efficiency, any way you want it

The MAN TGM - Efficiency, any way you want it

The MAN TGM series is a powerful pairing of professionalism and productivity. It boasts all the qualities that have made MAN synonymous with innovative, reliable mobility. Which ­ever of the range of trucks you climb into, you will find maximum efficiency is already on board. The MAN TGM is sure to impress you with its top quality too.

Now, the MAN TGM comes with an improved drivetrain and practical features. As a result, the drive system is more efficient, the driver’s workspace is much more comfortable, and the rest area in the extended cab models is even better than before.

On top of all this, you can rely on excellent service plus safety and assistance systems tailored to today’s traffic conditions, with digital solutions playing a crucial role. We understand that the world is not the only thing which is changing at an ever-faster pace: the way in which goods are delivered to residential areas and cities is evolving too. Delivery speed, reliability and digital transparency are increasingly important in the online age. To help you provide a smooth delivery service, we offer you transport solutions that are geared towards the task in hand and work optimally.

Wherever the road takes you, our solutions are just around the corner. We’re available at up to 2,000 service points all over Europe, from early until late. We are always up to date and know what’s driving you: with systematic analysis of vehicle data and customer enquiries as our basis we’re always striving to develop new future-oriented digital solutions. Continually transmitted vehicle data and intelligent data analyses are the foundation for the ever-expanding range of exclusive and customer-tailored digital solutions: solutions that enable you to get the most out of your truck no matter if you’re the driver, fleet manager or business partner!

In short, your challenges are our challenges and we’re always working on modern and tailored answers to your questions even before you’ve asked them. Personal, competent and according to your priorities.

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